Sex Scandal Pastor Appears in UK Court

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily|

A Zimbabwean pastor who allegedly asked young girls to massage his naked body with ‘annointing oil’, archbishop Walter Masocha on Tuesday appeared at the Alloa Sheriff court in Scotland to face sexual abuse charges.
According to the Scottish Daily Record, Masocha allegedly induced a 15 year-old and a 12 year-old to perform the acts on him at an address in Sauchieburn and at Crieff Hydro Hotel between 2012 and 2013. He was accused of sexual assault on a woman and engaging in sexual activity with a 14 year-old girl during the same period.
Masocha pleaded not guilty to the alleged incidents between May 17 2013 and July 31 2013 at Crieff Hydro Hotel and another location and engaging in sexual activity with a 14 year-old after inducing her to massage his naked body with ‘annointing oil’.
The church website said Masocha was founder of the ‘fast-growing’ Agape for All Nations evangelical church established in 2007 with headquarters in Stirling, England. However, references to him have since been removed from the church’s website.
Masocha’s defence agent asked that the trial be moved from the original January 12 date. He said three charges relating to the massaging were not on the original petition when Masocha appeared at the Stirling Sheriff court in January 2013. Quizzed by sheriff John Rafferty, the defence agent said he needed time to look into how the church operates and “the nature of the relationship between the parties”.
The trial is now set to begin April 23 at the Falkirk sheriff court.
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