Mugabe to Die in 2015 Says Malawian ‘Prophet’

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe will die in 2015 but his wife Grace Mugabe, who belatedly joined politics to protect her family’s “ill-gotten wealth” will not succeed him, a top Malawian clergyman and political analyst has claimed.
The controversial Austin Liabunya, who calls himself a ‘prophet’ told worshippers in Lilongwe on Thursday that Grace Mugabe would return some of the ‘stolen wealth’ through futile campaigning, according to the Maravi Post.
The Post report said: “About Zimbabwe, the man of God said Robert Mugabe’s biological clock will not tick beyond this year (2015). During the night of cross-over service, the man of God said Zimbabwe will then be restored and that it will be in the top five of the richest countries in Africa. About Grace Mugabe, who joined politics, he said she will never win in Zimbabwe’s politics saying she is being forced to join politics to protect their ill-gotten wealth. On this, the man of God said it will be good for Grace Mugabe to contest so that she could give wealth back to the citizens of Zimbabwe through campaigning.”
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