Pastor’s Killer Goes Farming

By Charlene Madondo|
Now Daily|

Lloyd Martin, the man accused of murdering Andrew Wutawunashe World Witness ministry and Family of God church pastor Tony Maseko says he has gone into farming.
Martin told Now Daily that he had abandoned religious training and is now growing maize in Gwatemba, Matabeleland South.
Pastor Maseko died at the FOG church’s flagship Bethel Mission in Marondera after being drowned by Martin and his cousin Sammy. Martin admitted the pair held the youthful Maseko under water for a long time and only realised later that he had died. He claimed they were swimming in a river and playing ‘water games’. No arrests were made.
The death of Maseko sparked controversy within Wutawunashe’s ministry and led to an exodus of followers.
Maseko’s uncle, the late General Jevan Maseko, accused Wutawunashe, a Central Intelligence Organisation operative, of ordering the brutal termination of the pastor’s life to cover up church secrets. Gen Maseko said Tony had told him that he was living in fear after discovering scandals involving the abuse of women by fellow pastors, theft of church funds and Wutawunashe’s abuse of the ministry to gather information on members on behalf of the CIO. The ministry is sponsored by the department of theology in the CIO, where Wutawunashe’s brother and prominent gospel musician, Jonathan and his wife Shuvai are now employed full time.
Wutawunashe has denied some of the charges but his brother and church bishop Erasmus was accused of making two college students from Masvingo pregnant.
(c) 2014 Now Daily.


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