Grace Mugabe School Records Curious 100 % Grade 7 Pass Rate

By Jessica Mundawarara|
Now Daily|

Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe’s primary school has claimed a ‘phenomenal’ 100 percent pass rate in the 2014 Zimsec Grade 7 examinations.
The national average, according to Zimsec director Esau Nhandara, was a pass rate of only 38.13 percent, which was an ‘improvement’ on the 2013 pass rate of a ‘paltry’ 32.20 percent.
“Congradulations (sic) to Amai Mugabe Junior School for recording 100 percent pass rate on Grade 7 (ZIMSEC) 2014 results,” a statement posted on the school’s website,, said.
The school has attracted controversy ever since Grace Mugabe launched it at a farm she seized violently and without compensation from its white owners in Mazowe, north of Harare.
Tearing away in broken English, the school claims to “provide high quality education especially (to) those children emerging from disenfranchised (sic) family situations”. However, the claims have been challenged after parents were forced to pay fees and other regular costs amounting to more than $3 000 a term.
Zimsec has become notorious for leaking examination papers, casting doubts on the results. Its O’Level examination papers were leaked, leading to cancellations. The reset papers were then sold on the streets.
While Zimbabwe claims to have Africa’s highest literacy rate, the functional illiteracy and ignorance displayed by its graduates has shocked experts. Some skeptical developed countries require Zimbabwean graduates to re-write professional tests before they can get work permits.
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