After Being Snubbed by China, Zanu PF Abandons ‘Look East’ Policy

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily Opinion|

Behind Robert Mugabe’s back, Zanu PF officials are falling over each other to sup with the Western devils, literally.
Last Monday, Mugabe and his wife Grace were forced to take another vacation in the Far East. Mugabe and his entourage are banned from several Western countries because of their record of gross human rights abuses at home.
Hardly had Mugabe and Grace recovered from jetlag than his ministers were making a beeline to Western embassies begging for help to escape the present economic morass and damaging political isolation.
What was Jonathan Moyo, the usually rude Zanu PF politburo member and Mugabe’s propaganda man who infamously called Tony Blair a toilet, doing anywhere near the ‘imperialist’ British ambassador Catriona Laing?
Seriously, what was the ‘unwavering revolutionary’ Moyo doing, snacking with Laing, drinking her tequila and passing her state and Zanu PF secrets under the guise of launching a film about a lousy bear called Paddington?
Did not Moyo’s boss Mugabe tell him enough times that there would be no re-engagement with the British colonisers and the whole Western hemisphere until they lifted sanctions against the dictator and allowed his wife Grace to go shopping at Harrods?
Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and others have just been kicked out of Zanu PF by Mugabe for secretly hobnobbing with Westerners.
If the meeting between Moyo and Laing was not secret or nefarious, why did he not invite Godwin Gomwe and the Mbare Chimurenga choir to provide entertainment?
This was more than about Moyo meeting Laing for a quickie, a quick chat, I mean. It was about Jonathan Moyo allowing himself to be filmed making up to the British,denouncing the Zanu PF revolution.


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