Unpaid Zimbabwean Diplomats Face Eviction

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

Zimbabwean diplomats in foreign countries have gone for nearly two years without pay and now risk being evicted from offices as the bankrupt Harare administration fails to settle its bills, Now Daily has learned.
Former prime minister and head of government Morgan Tsvangirai said the Robert Mugabe regime was ‘clueless’ about how to fund its operations.
“To cap our embarrassment, we have just been told our diplomats have not been paid for over 20 months and our diplomatic missions risk being ejected from properties we occupy in foreign capitals around the world,” said Tsvangirai, who is the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party president. “We failed to pay our annual subscriptions to the African Union as well as our SADC mandatory pledges, even though President Mugabe is at the helm of both institutions. Our current sad reality is worlds apart from the make-believe world depicted in ZimAsset, a Zanu PF policy programme that has failed to assume any life outside the neatly packed blueprints in government offices.”
(c) 2014 Now Daily. All Rights Reserved.


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