Magaya Girlfriend’s Botswana Prison Death Declared Murder

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily|

Lawyers and human rights activists have reopened the files relating to the mysterious death in October of a woman reported to have had an adulterous affair with controversial preacher Walter Magaya, it emerged.
Chipo Chakanyuka (25), chief usher at Magaya’s PHD Ministries died in a Botswana prison of suspected poisoning, although the police there ruled it a suicide by hanging.
Chakanyuka had been arrested at the Botswana-Zimbabwe border and allegedly found in possession of fake diamonds and several grammes of gold.
Sources claimed that Chakanyuka had been set up on Magaya’s orders and lured to Botswana by Catherine Nyangoni, Magaya’s aide, whose role in the alleged murder is being probed.
Quoted by, Girl Child Network director Betty Makoni said: “On moral and ethical grounds, we are hoping Magaya tells the world what happened to this young woman. This case points to organised murder.”
Chakanyuka’s relatives said she had complained that Magaya threatened her after she tried to get him to honour his promises to give her a car, shop and a house.
Magaya dismissed his alleged mistress’s story, claiming he had helped her when he found her stripping in bars. The claims were rejected by Chakanyuka’s mother, Tambudzayi, who accused Magaya of abusing her daughter and dumping her unceremoniously, leading to her death.
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