Mnangagwa Under Fire

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

The Herald has accused newly-elected vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa of stealing the limelight from the ageing and ailing party leader Robert Mugabe.
In a heavily opinionated ‘news’ story, the paper said Mnangagwa loyalists led by psychomotor minister Josaya Hungwe had “sparked outrage” by nicknaming Mnangagwa ‘son of man’, claiming the label equated him to Jesus Christ and, therefore, above Mugabe who had appointed him.
“Such slavish hero-worshipping has a danger of creating an alternative centre of power in Zanu PF,” the paper said.
Elsewhere, the Herald claimed that Mnangagwa was not the ‘first’ vice president as it earlier called him.
The paper said vice president Phelekezela Mphoko had equal powers and could be appointed acting president if Mugabe became seriously ill, incapacitated or died.
Zanu PF insiders said Mnangagwa was having charges framed against him to make him appear to be planning a coup against Mugabe so he could be destroyed like Joice Mujuru and pave the way for Grace Mugabe, the dictator’s wife, to take over power from the president.
Meanwhile, a party to celebrate Mnangagwa’s promotion degenerated into chaos after MPs Owen ‘Mudha Mugabe’ Ncube and John Holder led the ejection of deputy mines minister Fred Moyo and several ranking officials. Aided by Zanu PF provincial official Larry Mavhima and hordes of intoxicated youths, the gangsters threw out more than a dozen people from the party. It was held at Mnangagwa’s towering Chinese-built mansion in his Mapanzure village birthplace in Zvishavane, near the school where he first met Mugabe, who was his teacher and, later, recruiter into nationalist politics.
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