Grace Mugabe in New Sex Scandal

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

Zimbabwe’s first lady, Grace Mugabe, has been accused of breaching state security procedures in order to meet secretly for sex with former Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono and several other men.
The damaging revelations about the nearly 91 year-old dictator Robert Mugabe’s 49 year-old wife are contained in secret Central Intelligence Organisation files obtained by the UK’s MailOnline.
“Incredibly, Grace Mugabe has made clear that she wants to run the country with Dr Gideon Gono, the country’s former finance chief, who was forced from office in (2013) after reports that he and Mugabe’s wife were lovers,” MailOnline said in a special report. “In one section of the documents headed ‘Bedroom Coup’, it’s revealed that Grace retains ‘close links’ to Gono, who is a regular visitor to the 12 different homes she has in Zimbabwe, leading to ‘continued breaches of security protocol’ by male visitors to her homes.”
Gono was quoted by Wikileaks telling a US diplomat that what Grace Mugabe lacked most was sex as her ageing and sickly husband could no longer provide it.
Mugabe’s dying sister, Sabina called her a “filthy whore” who was going to eliminate the whole clan to cover up her misdemeanors.
Grace Mugabe has been linked to a string of alleged sex partners, including businessman Peter Pamire, who was murdered following allegations he sired one of her children.
Grace Mugabe’s detractors, who run a whistleblower website called Zimbabweans for Prosperity, claim she is infected with an incurable sexually transmitted infection and also HIV/AIDS.
The group also lists Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, fugitive telecommunications mogul James Makamba and businessman Phillip Chiyangwa among her alleged lovers.
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