Grace Mugabe Squanders $3 Million on Shoes, Jewellery and Lingerie

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe’s shopaholic wife Grace Mugabe blew up a whopping $3 million in 2014 to buy designer shoes, jewellery and underwear, official papers show.
The Central Intelligence Organisation files detailing her shopping escapades were obtained clandestinely by the United Kingdom-based website MailOnline.
“A woman of enormous appetites, Grace has spent £2 million on shopping this year, including 62 pairs of Ferragamo shoes and 33 of Gucci, 12 diamond rings, a $115 000 Rolex and – most astonishingly – a $300 000 diamond-encrusted headboard,” MailOnline reported. “The papers also show she has spent £30 000 on lingerie, with Jean Yu and Strumpet her favourite brands.”
Grace Mugabe’s shopping addiction and voracious taste for expensive labels have earned her the derisive names ‘Gucci Grace’, ‘First Shopper’ and ‘Disgrace’.
Asked about how she could buy expensive Ferragamo shoes while other Zimbabweans were starving, Grace Mugabe responded with typical arrogance.
“I have very narrow feet, so I can only wear Ferragamo,” she said.
Grace Mugabe was the wife of a low-ranking soldier before seducing Mugabe “over tea and scones” and being plucked from the presidential typing pool by the dictator as his wife Sally lay dying.
Through violent and unlawful seizure of white-owned commercial farms, businesses and looting the state treasury, Grace Mugabe is now one of the richest people in Zimbabwe.
(c) 2014 Now Daily. All Rights Reserved.


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