Twerking Grace Mugabe Shocks Zimbabweans

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily|

Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace has outraged Zimbabweans by twerking endlessly next to the president, in front of thousands of delegates at the just-ended Zanu PF congress.
The raunchy dances were exhibited over three days as Grace celebrated her accension to the powerful Zanu PF politburo, which many see as her first grasp of the presidency. The former State House typist who started committing adultery with Mugabe in David-Bathsheba fashion when his wife Sally was dying of a kidney ailment and her husband was a serving soldier has publicly stated she wants to succeed the dictator.
Grace Mugabe’s heavy twerking was televised live, and she regularly ordered the police band to continue playing war music as she danced in unison with a member of the Zanu PF militia band, Mbare Chimurenga choir, who was below the stage.
A war veteran who saw the dances, giving his nom de guerre as Lot Muzenda said Grace Mugabe did not know the meaning of twerking, known locally as ‘kongonya’, which was reserved for special occassions during the armed struggle.
“Grace lacks discipline. She thinks her husband is the party and because she dominates her husband, she can also dominate the party. For example, during the war you would not find women dancing kongonya and disrupting discussions of important disciplinary issues as was the case at the weekend when people were talking about the life of the president and plots to assassinate,” said Muzenda. “Grace was behaving as though she was at carnival.”
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