Mujuru: I Did Not Bewitch Mugabe

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

Zimbabwe’s vice president Joice Mujuru has rejected damaging claims by ailing president Robert Mugabe that she ‘bewitched’ him.
Mugabe told members of Zanu PF last week that Mujuru had, in partnership with Ray Kaukonde, sought the help of n’angas to help dislodge him from office.
In a statement, Mujuru said: “Were it not that the allegations of the practice of ‘witchcraft’ have been made in relation to a very serious matter, I would not have been concerned. Suffice to say that I am a God-fearing person and would not and have not resorted to witchcraft to advance my political career. Support comes from the people; it can not be divined under cover of darkness.”
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