Sikhala Barred From MDC Elections

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

Job Sikhala has confirmed that he was barred from contesting in party elections at the recent Movement for Democratic Change congress.
However, Sikhala who returned to the Morgan Tsvangirai-led party this year after leaving in protest in 2005, said he would not leave the former prime minister’s outfit because of a position.
Last week, Sikhala was brutally assaulted by state agents who quizzed him on why he had rejoined Tsvangirai after earlier forming his own party, MDC 99.
“My reconciliation with Tsvangirai was driven more by the desire of our people. They needed unity more than anything to deal with the system that has denied Zimbabweans an opportunity to prosper,” Sikhala said on Facebook. “I even laughed my lungs out when people whose interests are narrowed on positions attempted to incite me to quit because I was blocked to contest at congress. I told them that my motivation to fight in this struggle is to get a just system in place. If Zanu PF is gone tomorrow I will resign from politics.”
Party insiders said Sikhala, who was tipped to become party organiser, was blocked by Tsvangirai’s rich and powerful hangers on, who are accused of using money to divert the party from the democratic path. Some of the officials occupying top positions in MDC-T have known ties to Robert Mugabe’s state security apparatus.
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