Rugare Gumbo Unfazed by Expulsion From Zanu PF

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

Zanu PF politburo propaganda secretary Rugare Gumbo has been expelled from the party, Now Daily can confirm.
Party chairman Simon Khaya Moyo made the announcement at the end of a day-long meeting of the Soviet-style central committee chaired by president Robert Mugabe Wednesday.
“In a late but important development, suspended secretary for information and publicity in the politburo, Rugare Gumbo has been expelled by the central committee,” Khaya Moyo said.
Gumbo, however, took the sacking in his stride, saying he was being victimized for opposing Mugabe’s plan to give himself absolute power in the party.
“If I were to meet Mugabe I would tell him straight to his face that what he is doing is wrong,” Gumbo told a foreign radio station. “I rejected Mugabe’s plan to change the constitution a long time ago. We went to war to fight for democracy. It is not democratic for one person to appoint people to all the positions. We always had elections and there was no problem with that.”
Mugabe pushed through changes to the party constitution Wednesday, abolishing elections and giving himself authority to hand-pick all senior party office bearers.
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