Mugabe Attacks Tsvangirai As Mujuru Coup Charges Fizzle Out

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily Analysis|

President Robert Mugabe took cheap shots at former prime minister and MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai Tuesday in a desperate bid to convince war veterans that Joice Mujuru wanted to assassinate him.
Making his first public comment on Zanu PF-controlled public media claims that Mujuru planned to kill him, Mugabe denigrated Tsvangirai and the West, apparently to whip up emotions among the gathered liberation war fighters.
The evidently weak and emotionally unstable Mugabe started off by making the ‘revelation’ that someone wanted him dead.
“A woman, for that matter,” said Mugabe before naming Mujuru as the plotter.
Apparently, the veterans had heard that one before, from the Herald and Sunday Mail, and noone seemed too enthusiastic about it. After all, the idiotic false coup claim concocted by the ever-bungling information minister Jonathan Moyo and planted in state papers had already fallen flat on its face and could only be believed by the most gullible.
Having failed to convince the veterans that Mujuru was public enemy number one, Mugabe turned to the tried and tested tactic: attack Tsvangirai and the West.
He weaved an elaborate plot about how Mujuru wanted to get rid of him and team up with Tsvangirai’s MDC and unnamed Western countries to consolidate her power.
The claims elicited only a few giggles and grunts from the assembled crowd, made up largely of impostors who never fought in the 1970s independence war, and some service chiefs in full regalia.
The claims would have been laughable, had the motives not been so sinister.
There is no justice in Zimbabwe. Mugabe himself is judge, jury and executioner. So whatever he says will be taken as the gospel truth and carried out by his brainwashed and ignorant militias without any further thought or sense of remorse.
Last week, after similar sensational claims were made by the Sunday Mail, the MDC official Job Sikhala was taken in and brutally tortured by the partisan police. It is clear that following Tuesday’s instigation, someone somewhere is already drawing up a docket of treason charges against Tsvangirai. The evidence is not hard to find. It can be fabricated!
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