MDC Renewal Team Blasts Chinamasa for Calling Govt Workers ‘Lazy’

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily Business|

The MDC Renewal Team (MDC-RT) has lambasted Patrick Chinamasa, the minister of finance, for alleging, during his budget speech, that government workers were being paid for doing nothing.
“As a labour-based political party, we find it absurd that a government that is failing to provide leadership in managing the economy now finds it convenient to blame its workers for the country’s woes,” the MDC Renewal Team said in a statement. “Chinamasa’s assertion that 80 percent of his budget will go towards salaries of government workers he accuses of sitting in their offices doing nothing is mind-boggling. Is it not his government which is supposed to supervise these workers? Is it not a well-established management principle
that supervisors are responsible for their subordinates’ performance?”
The Tendai Biti-led outfit said it was “clear that this clueless government does not want to take responsibility for its failures and now wants to blame a government workforce whose morale is very low because of poor salaries and bad working conditions”.
The MDC-RT, a coalition partner in the United MDC formed last week, said most civil servants were professional but were “overburdened by an economy that is presided over by incompetent leaders who are now only preoccupied with internal power struggles in their party at the expense of providing solutions to national problems”.
MDC-RT said the government’s efforts to bring in foreign investors would not succeed until the Indigenisation Act was repealed.
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