Dzamara Abducted, Savagely Beaten by Zanu PF Militia

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

Rights activist Itai Dzamara and several members of the Occupy Africa Unity Square protest movement were on Tuesday abducted by Zanu PF militiamen and savagely beaten.
A spokesman for the group said they were holding a protest march on the streets of Harare when they were suddenly surrounded by a gang of thugs who came in several vehicles.
“After their abduction, our comrades were taken to the Zanu PF headquarters along Fourth Street, where they were brutally assaulted and had their possessions stolen, including two cellphones and all the money they had on them,” the OAUS spokesperson said. “They were then dumped at Harare central police station, where the police did not arrest the perpetrators. Instead, plainclothes officers further abused our comrades.”
The spokesperson said when the activists were finally found, all of them had severe headaches from the torture.
“Itai’s face was very swollen and his arm injured. Jerry was limping badly from the beatings he sustained. Allan’s ear was injured and his feet were too swollen to fit into his shoes. Walking was an ordeal for him,” the spokesperson said.
OAUS presented a petition to president Robert Mugabe in October urging him to step down because he had ‘failed’ to run the country. Dzamara was beaten unconscious by state security agents and his lawyer suffered a broken arm, but vowed to press on with the action.
Said the OAUS spokesperson: “How much longer Zimbabwe? How much longer will we idly watch while these people trample on the law and abuse us as they please? It is high time we stood up to them. It is past time we showed them the door.”
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