Under Pressure to Fall Pregnant, Bona Mugabe Endures Shame and Ridicule

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily|

A fresh crisis has hit the marriage of president Robert Mugabe’s only daughter Bona, threatening not only to end it but also to utterly humiliate her, Now Daily can reveal.
Bona is under pressure to fall pregnant and have children before her aged and ailing 91 year-old father dies or becomes incontinent.
Bona’s in-laws are also desperate to see the shaky marriage ‘strengthened’ by the arrival of a child amid claims that Bona’s husband Simba Chikore was philandering and losing interest in his young wife.
State House sources confirmed that Bona (22) was not showing any signs of pregnancy, months after marrying 39 year-old Simba Chikore at a lavish multi-million-dollar ceremony dubbed ‘wedding of the year’.
The development has deeply upset her mother Grace, who reportedly pushed the young Bona to marry Chikore against her own wishes. The marriage was also against the advice of intelligence officers who discovered that apart from falsely claiming that he was a pilot at the prestigious Emirates Airways, Chikore was a notorious womaniser from his Makumbe high school days, described as a ‘playboy’.
“Grace Mugabe will do anything, pay any amount to get her daughter pregnant,” said a source. “They will try medical science because she is young and educated, but some people are suggesting that she goes secretly to ‘prophets’ like Walter Magaya. All options are now on the table because time is running out fast.”


A member of the Chikore family said they were adopting a wait and see attitude because Grace Mugabe had dominated everything from the start. He claimed that a lot of traditional rites had not been performed. The relative said Simba’s mother was a Christian pastor and had teamed up with Mrs Mugabe to do a lot of things wrong, which were now difficult to reverse. He also said Grace Mugabe had used her financial clout to dominate the proceedings from the start, choosing who she wanted to work with to set up the wedding ceremony and excluding some very important relatives because they were too poor to be seen mingling with presidents and other important dignitaries.
The wedding at the Mugabes’ Borrowdale Brooke home in March was attended by several African presidents, including South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, Equatorial Guinea dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and Zambia’s Michael Sata, whose daughter was Bona’s maid of honour.
“From the start this marriage was not handled properly. The problem with that is, when problems arise, these two young people have no-one to turn to. They get frustrated and sometimes they think washing their dirty linen in public is the solution but its not,” the relative said, asking not to be named. “After we paid the bride price, Bona should have made a token appearance at our home to perform the rite known as ‘kutamba chiroora’. This is the time when she would have met our family without her mother being present, so that we could assess her character and teach her how to behave. This was not done because, perhaps they felt it was a waste of time.”
The relative said it was also a source of discomfort for his family that it was Grace who announced the marriage at a church service, told everyone how much had been paid as bride price and even publicly declared her daughter was a virgin.
“This is just not done. It is the role of the husband’s family to announce they have a new member. As for the wedding, we should have hosted them, not them hosting us, telling us how many people could attend the wedding. A wedding should not just be seen as an opportunity to fund-raise. It is the time for in-laws to eat together, drink together and give each other tokens. When the day of trouble comes, the newly-weds must remember the relatives who came to bless them and turn to those for support, not just the rich strangers who gave them a lot of money.”
Bona and Simba Chikore now live in president Mugabe’s Mt Pleasant house, which he donated to the newly-weds at the ceremony estimated to have gobbled up $10 million in state funds.
Despite all the money that the fabulously wealthy Grace Mugabe can fork out to them, it is the absence of a child which is making their lives hell and causing them shame and ridicule amid recriminations over who is to blame.
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4 thoughts on “Under Pressure to Fall Pregnant, Bona Mugabe Endures Shame and Ridicule

  1. abigail chikore

    first of all you got the ages and school wrong. Second he is not a womaniser and Grace Mugabe never forced Bona to marry Simba . Also she is not under pressure to get pregnant and the family never did rituals shame on you admin leave them alone . You would rather support them


  2. viola gadzira

    anyone who has not experienced the pains of childlessness can write a story like this.you can have children but wait until one of your kids fails to bear a child thats when you will become wiser and careful with your speech.


    1. rudo

      God’s time is the best time. it’s only a year since they got married. I know pple who have married for 8yrs or more with no child. THE COUPLE NEEDS SUPPORT. This is a serious issue no-one signs up for it. it could be anyone.



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