Mujuru Boycotts Zanu PF Congress Amid Death Threats

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

Divisions in president Robert Mugabe’s fractured Zanu PF have intensified after vice president and party second-in-command Joice Mujuru boycotted Tuesday’s opening politburo meeting.
Mujuru was advised by intelligence officials to stay away from the congress after she attended Monday’s cabinet meeting at Munhumutapa building.
Mujuru herself did not state why she had boycotted a politburo meeting for the second time in a row.
However, Zanu PF hooligan and Harare youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe and war veterans had set up an ambush for her, with orders to murder the vice president if she came near the party headquarters where the meeting was held.
“We dont want to see Mujuru near the president. She wants to assassinate him,” Gomwe said.
Mugabe himself told the assembled war veterans that Mujuru wanted to assassinate him in an elaborate plot involving the MDC and Western countries.
Mujuru, MDC and the U.S. government deny the claims.
Former Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo scoffed at the charges.
“Can you take such allegations seriously?” Gumbo said Tuesday.
He said Mujuru was the victim of a vicious media campaign aimed at destroying her career after Mugabe said in 2004 that he was grooming her to take over from him.
“Its not good for the Herald to be denigrating the vice president. There is no respect for her. Joice is the wife of Zimbabwe’s first general, the first army commander,” Gumbo said.
Western diplomats warned that the congress could degenerate into violence after a party vehicle was seen distributing flyers written: “Vote of No Confidence in Bob.”
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