Pokello’s Fiance Elikem Deletes ‘Rejection Tweet’ Amid Threats From Fans

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily|

Top Ghanaian fashion designer and actor Elikem Kumordzie has been forced to delete a post on twitter ending his affair with Zimbabwean celebrity Pokello Nare after howls of protest from fans.
The celebrity couple clashed publicly on Twitter at the weekend after Pokello published the phone number of a woman she accused of having an affair with her fiance of several months. Pokello claimed the woman, Elikem’s alleged married 46 year-old ex-lover had been calling and texting threats to her.
In the famous tweet, Elikem told Pokello that they had reached the “end”.
Pokello reacted furiously, her famous temper getting the better of her.
One fan, calling herself Neutral Being summed up the threats made by several others, telling Elikem: “I will burn the dress I bought from yu. Bot it bcoz of Pokello. U dont treat a woman like this.”
Another fan of the popular couple known as Polikem in Ghana said: “You met on television and want to break up on Twitter?”
Yet another angry woman who called herself Mariam tweeted: “Broda pliz instead of putting your bedroom affairs out, just make for me a nice dress.”
However, despite withdrawing the offensive tweet, Elikem offered no public apology and, instead wrote an ambiguous post eulogizing his mother on her birthday.
Said Elikem: “There’s only one woman in the world who can love u like no other, who will do anything and and everything.”
Cynical fans, however, dismissed the public break-up as just another publicity stunt by Pokello, who is set to launch a line of fashion shoes in Harare this week.
Pokello, a single mother, met Elikem (26) on the Big Brother reality show in South Africa and publicly ditched her then lover, the rap star Desmond Chideme a.k.a Stunner. The pair had recorded a sex video which went viral when it was leaked on social media.
Pokello and Elikem got engaged earlier this year when the ‘tailor’, as he likes to be called, proposed during a live television event.
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