Grace Mugabe Plots to Kill Husband Through “Horror Feeding Scheme”: Source

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe will die “by the hand of his wife” who has been feeding him a slow-acting poison for months, a whistleblower website claimed on Saturday.
According to Zimbabweans for Prosperity, the “horror feeding scheme” for the 91 year-old president, initiated by Grace in August 2013, involves army commander Constantine Chiwenga, an unnamed medical expert and a State House maid.
The site says Grace’s motives are money and power after Mugabe reportedly signed a will on 27 July 2013 entrusting his entire estate to her.
“Details coming our way from a source very close to the first family of Zimbabwe indicate that from August 2013 Mugabe was being fed an unnamed poison in his own house every time he had a meal at his house,” Zimbabweans for Prosperity said on its website. “In a carefully guarded secret involving Grace Mugabe, an unknown number of senior members of the army and a maid identified only as Sarah, the Zimbabwean President has been receiving varying amounts of poison in his food.”
The site claims that a member of the presidential guard battalion attached to Mugabe’s house was heard giving a “progress report” to Chiwenga about the “horror feeding scheme” on Friday.
“Grace, who is viewed by Mugabe’s close relatives as a gold digger stands to have serious problems if Mugabe dies without leaving her firmly in charge of his estate. Her need for power after Mugabe goes can also be explained by her involvement of the army in the scheme,” Zimbabweans for Prosperity said. “Her recent and unexplained entry into politics further bolsters the argument that she knows a lot about the health status of her husband. Grace’s utterances at her rallies also betray a very high level of desperation on her part.”
Mugabe and his wife did not immediately react to the explosive leak and efforts to get official comment failed.
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