Job Sikhala Brutally Tortured by CIO

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

Firebrand MDC official Job Sikhala has savagely been tortured by operatives of the Central Intelligence Organisation, president Robert Mugabe’s brutal secret police, Now Daily can confirm.
Sikhala’s spokesman, Morgan Muchawaya said he was in serious condition in a Harare hospital and was also suffering from complications arising from hypertension.
“Our freedom fighter has been tortured today (Saturday) by security agents in the underground bunker at Harare central police station,” Muchawaya said. “He is currently in hospital being treated for torture pains.”
Muchawaya posted a photo of Sikhala sprawled on a hospital bed. He said the anti-Robert Mugabe activist
was ordered to report at the CIO torture chambers but his lawyer, Alec Muchadehama was barred from the interrogation room.
“There was no interrogation they did to him but accused him of having gone to Swaziland to meet some white German national who wanted to give him arms of war and wage a war against the government. He also said he was tortured, being asked why he left MDC 99 to regroup with Morgan Tsvangirai,” Muchawaya said. “He has no idea of these new cropping charges.”
Sikhala said he had only visited his Swazi-based brother-in-law.
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