Sikhala ‘Tormented’ by CIO, Police

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

MDC official and former MP Job Sikhala says he was harassed by detectives and intelligence officers whose desperate bid to pin treason charges on him eventually failed.
“Robert Mugabe’s securocrats tormented me from yesterday (Thursday) in the morning to the early hours of today trying to squeeze charges that I am plotting the tyrant’s overthrow,” Sikhala said upon his release Friday.
He said he told them that it was his wish – like that of millions of Zimbabweans – to see the long-serving dictator leave office but he had not plotted against him.
“Asking for evidence about the plot, they produced an inaudible voice recorder which makes the Ari Ben Menashe one the best recording in the world. You can hardly hear anything. It must have been an attempt to create my voice from some stupid idiot in the street. Even Alec Muchadehama who led the entourage of lawyers who came to fight the battle laughed at them that they appeared stupid,” Sikhala said. “There was nothing, nothing except the inaudible recording. They thought by endless interrogations I could incriminate myself.”
Sikhala was accused by the state media of teaming up with vice president Joice Mujuru’s supporters to plot a coup against Mugabe, charges he denies.
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