Michelle Obama Ex-Lover’s Tell-All Interview Hacked

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

Hackers allegedly linked to United States president Barack Obama’s administration have taken down a website which promised details of what it claimed were his wife Michelle’s sexual experiences with her ex-lover.
“How romantic was Michelle Obama when she was with her ex-lover?” said the CashAJob website’s headline.
An accompanying photo showed Michelle Obama sitting in a chair, wearing a huge hat and dressed in a formal, knee-length pink dress. Next to her was the alleged ex-lover, a plump black man in a black dinner suit, white shirt and bow.
The authenticity of the photo could not be verified.
However, viewers who tried to access the story were met with a typical hacker’s message offering the chance to make thousands of dollars a day if one followed the curious links provided.
One expert said it was obvious the account had been hacked and whoever was now in charge wanted access to personal information of viewers.
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