MDC Dismisses Chinamasa’s ‘Hopeless’ Budget

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily|

The Movement for Democratic Change has dismissed the 2015 national budget presented to parliament by finance minister Patrick Chinamasa Thursday as ‘hopeless’ and ‘delusional’.
MDC spokesman Obert Gutu said the budget proved that the Zanu PF government had “dismally failed” the people and would not meet any of its 2013 election promises or the grand objectives of ZimAsset, which he described as “pie in the sky, a hopeless exercise in futility”.
“Patrick Chinamasa’s assertion that the economy will start to grow in 2015 is a delusional statement that defies all forms of economic and financial logic. This fallacious assertion must be dismissed with the utter contempt that it deserves,” Gutu said.
He said at $4.1 billion the government budget was embarrassingly small and equalled the U.S.-based Stanford University’s annual expenditure.
“Eighty percent of all government revenue will be taken up by salaries and allowances of civil servants as well as travelling costs and per diems of government bureaucrats,” Gutu said, arguing that salaries should not be above 35 percent of the budget to be sustainable.
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