Mujuru, Goche Under House Arrest

Now Daily|

Vice president Joice Mujuru and labour minister and former CIO boss Nicholas Goche have been placed under house arrest, official sources confirmed.
The order, made unofficially by embattled president Robert Mugabe, prevented Mujuru and Goche from attending Wednesday’s Zanu PF politburo meeting where the party constitution was controversially changed to give Mugabe absolute power over all party appointments. The constitutional changes give Mugabe power to sack his deputy Mujuru, whom he accuses of plotting to murder him and take over the reins of government.
Mujuru was confined to her Mandara home with orders not to leave without Mugabe’s permission, while Goche was confined to Ceres farm in Shamva, which he seized forcibly from its white owners.
Eyewitnesses confirmed that members of Grace Mugabe’s violent Zanu PF militia had been deployed to Goche’s farm to prevent him leaving.
Hurungwe MP Sarah Mahoka and another band of thugs were on standby to attack Mujuru if she showed up at her Munhumutapa Building offices.
State media claimed falsely that Goche was bed-ridden with a serious illness.
Last week, demanded the arrest of Mujuru, Goche and de facto state security boss Didymus Mutasa allegedly for plotting a military takeover against the ageing dictator. Mujuru and all the others deny the charges, which are linked to the deadly scramble in Zanu PF to succeed the ailing 90-year-old despot.
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