Mudenda Orders CIO, Cops to Torture Anti-Mugabe Protesters Inside Parliament!

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, on Wednesday turned parliament into a Zanu PF torture chamber, handing four anti-Robert Mugabe protesters to police and Central Intelligence Organisation thugs who severely tortured them inside parliament building, Now Daily can confirm.
The four members of the protest group Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS) had invaded parliament’s public gallery and interrupted proceedings, explaining their cause and waving placards demanding Mugabe’s resignation and an end to corruption.
“The Speaker, Mr Mudenda himself, came up to the gallery, together with security officials and Charles Nyoni handed the petition directly into his hands. Mudenda ordered the security agents to take away the four protesters and, soon afterwards, their horrible torture sessions began,” OAUS said.
“After being apprehended in the House in front of Mudenda, the four were taken to a room at parliament building, where their long and agonizing series of torture episodes commenced. They were beaten by individuals in police uniform and others from the intelligence department.”
The four activists were later taken to a CIO underground dungeon at Harare central police station, stripped naked and beaten with sjamboks until they were swollen all over. They were questioned about OAUS and only released without charge around midnight.
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