Magaya Stampede Deaths: Police Arrest Vendor

Now Daily|

The Zimbabwe Republic Police have arrested a Kwekwe food vendor, accusing him of causing the deadly stampede in which 11 people died at Walter Magaya’s religious crusade last week.
Spokesperson Charity Charamba said ‘thorough investigations’ found that a gas bottle owned by food vendor Amos Muzeiwa leaked and exploded, causing panic at Mbizo stadium where Magaya’s PHD Ministries was crusading.
Charamba said the explosion panicked people who then stampeded, resulting in 11 being trampled to death and more than 60 being seriously injured.
Charamba denied widespread reports that police used teargas to control the crowd after chaos broke out.
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2 thoughts on “Magaya Stampede Deaths: Police Arrest Vendor

  1. natalia kays

    The victims are said to have confirmed that it was a tear gas rather than a gas leak. Other sources also say when the gas leaked/when the teargas was fired the stampede had already started some children were already trambled on. It raises eyebrows is it about power that he vendor had to be arrested and the police was not. Its about who is who these days, may the souls of the victims rest in peace. May the bereaved be comforted by the Lord our God.



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