Anti-Mugabe Protestor Tortured By Police

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

A member of Occupy Africa Unity Square, a budgeoning movement calling for president Robert Mugabe’s resignation, Dirk Frey, was brutally tortured by anti-riot police on Tuesday.
According to Frey, the police chased him up and caught him on a Harare street when members of the group gathered for their daily lunchtime campaign of whistling, hooting and waving banners and flags to protest Mugabe’s misrule.
“They grabbed me by the belt, handcuffed me and loaded me into their truck. They yelled abuse and beat me. I wont lie, it hurt,” Frey said, admitting that he was still sore all over the body hours after the attack.
He said he was forced to lie face-down and beaten with truncheons all over his back. He was later dumped near a flyover in Mbare.
The protest group has been targeted for vicious treatment by the police since its activists, led by Itai Dzamara, presented a petition to Mugabe’s office calling for his resignation. Dzamara was beaten unconscious by the police but has vowed his group will continue protesting until the dictator leaves office. Their online petition has been signed by hundreds of people.
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