Mugabe Dangerously Paranoid

Now Daily Editorial|

The wild claims by Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace that Joice Mujuru and her alleged supporters want to assassinate them are clearly paranoid, bordering on neurosis.
Without any credible evidence being offered, the claims are simply a ridiculous and childish smear job covered with Jonathan Moyo’s bloody fingerprints.
Considering Mugabe’s record of brutality against innocent political challengers, we are sure that Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Nicholas Goche, Constantine Chiwenga and all the other alleged conspirators would have been hanged by now if there was even a shred of evidence.
Alternatively, if Mujuru wanted to commit a coup, she would have done it already. She had enough opportunities.
We are sure Mugabe’s antics are the desperate acts of an ageing despot who has been abandoned by the thugs he has used to commit murder and mayhem to keep him in power. He knows their capacity for savagery and now fears they will apply their deadly skills against him.
Since he came to power in 1980 through a wave of unprecedented violence, Mugabe has accused all his rivals of plotting to remove him through military coups.
Ian Smith, Peter Walls, Ndabaningi Sithole, Abel Muzorewa, Joshua Nkomo, Margaret Dongo, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Morgan Tsvangirai and now Joice Mujuru have all been accused of planning to topple the dictator violently.
In each case, the charges were manufactured by Mugabe’s own fertile imagination and no one has ever been convicted for sedition. In short, the charges were just a total waste of state resources.
Even if the charges against Mujuru had some basis, why are they being discussed at Zanu PF rallies and at Grace Mugabe’s Mazowe militia base called an orphanage instead of a court of law? Why are the allegations being reported to the Herald and not to the police? If Grace Mugabe has all the incriminating videos which she claims to have, why is she not submitting them to the prosecutors? Why are the accused persons being chased by lynch mobs instead of being allowed to answer for themselves? After all treason charges are very serious and convicted people could face the death penalty.
The truth of the matter is that Mugabe is paranoid and will run away from anything that moves near him, including his own shadow.
Having done so much evil against so many people, he does not know who to trust. He can not trust even his own wife, a reported fornicator who preys on those closest to him.
As long as it suits him, Mugabe will continue to make these wild claims, for the benefit of the blind masses whose orders are to terminate anyone the dictator does not like.
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