Zanu PF’s Chipangano Militia Disintegrates

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

The brutal Mbare-based Zanu PF Chipangano militia is in disarray after president Robert Mugabe disowned its leaders, who now face criminal prosecution for past crimes, including murder and extortion.
Members of Mugabe’s party on Friday demonstrated in Harare against Chipangano godfather Tendai Savanhu and demanded his expulsion from the powerful Zanu PF central committee.
Rival thug and Zanu PF Harare youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe accused Savanhu of opposing Mugabe’s wife Grace’s plan to take over the presidency from her aged and ailing husband.
Militant Zanu PF members prevented Savanhu – a relative of Mugabe and former chair of the listed Hwange Colliery Company – from submitting his application to rejoin the Zanu PF central committee.
Party activists have already kicked out the Chipangano boss Jim Kunaka and another of its key funders, the former Harare chairman Amos Midzi.
Chipangano is a brutal gang of hooligans who have been used by the Mugabe regime to cause horrific terror to the opposition.
A former Mugabe fundraiser, Noah Mangondo, was also denounced during the demonstration at party headquarters.
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