CIO Officers Burn’t in Mugabe/Mujuru Standoff

Now Daily|

Zanu PF has published names of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives involved in framing Joice Mujuru acolyte and labour minister Nicholas Goche, in blatant violation of protocol.
The identities of the agents were revealed in a propaganda piece planted in the Emmerson Mnangagwa-controlled state Herald newspaper. It gave the names of the CIO operatives behind the moves to implicate Goche in a military coup plot to unseat dictator Robert Mugabe as Muza, Chikanya and Peter Saburi.
The three spies claimed to have overheard Goche stating that some people within Zanu PF would be shot dead ahead of the party’s explosive December congress.
“Real war is coming, shots will be fired,” Goche was quoted as saying by the three CIO spies planted in a meeting the minister held with sugar-cane farmers in Chiredzi in September.
The Herald claimed Goche planned to kill Mugabe on Mujuru’s orders and had recruitted assassins in Israel and South Africa to do it. No evidence was provided and the matter has mysteriously not been reported to police.
Goche dismissed the claims as an attempt to smear him.
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