Rashiwe Guzha Assassin, Mother Now ‘Insane’

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily Special Assignment|

The putrid smell of urine greets me as Mrs Ndangariro Chingura, the mother of disgraced Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative Collin Chingura, the alleged contract killer of ex-government worker Rashiwe Guzha, opens the door.
She quickly apologises for her soiled garments – she has wet herself while sleeping on a couch overnight and her dress is dripping with urine – and for the epic disorder in what is now her dilapidated house in the southern asbestos town of Zvishavane’s dusty Highlands township.
I have been here twice to interview Chingura for a documentary on Robert Mugabe’s assassination games, the brutal killers and their shadowy paymasters. Each time, he welcomed me to a house lined with prestigious academic books and photographs collected during years of studying law at the University of Zimbabwe.
Today, Chingura is not there and his ailing mother says she does not know where he is, neither does he keep a phone: tradecraft.
The home is a now a hovel, with dirty water containers lined outside, rotting food in the kitchen and a dusty, stinking lounge that has not been swept perhaps for months.
“I am very ill but I have no-one to take care of me. Collin just went away some years ago and I dont know where he is. I miss my son. He used to take care of the chores,” Mrs Chingura told me.
Then I asked her the key question: Is Collin Chingura mad as has been suggested by some of his old school friends and work colleagues?
“Of course Collin is mad,” Mrs Chingura said. “I have tried everything to help him out of that insanity but failed. I took him to prophets and I also took him to n’angas (traditional healers) as far as Arcturus but it is no use. This pains me a lot. Collin is educated. He is a lawyer but look at the misery that he is in! He is destitute. Some people tell me he is now a gold panner and a vagrant in Lower Gweru, where he spends his money on prostitutes. Once, he brought one of the women here and I chased her away. Maybe I should have let her stay. She could be helping me now.”
Mrs Chingura said her visits to n’angas had cost her membership of the Methodist Church, where it is against church rules.
She says she had no choice but to go to the traditional doctors after Collin’s psychological problems mounted.
“He would wake up at night screaming Rashiwe’s name. He would then run out of the house saying he had seen seen her in his room. He was tormented and I had no choice. My only wish is that the Methodist church elders can forgive me and come to bury me when I die,” Mrs Chingura said.
Chingura has repeatedly denied killing Guzha. He told me that he only drove the then Treasury Computer Bureau analyst to a hotel on the orders of Eddison Shirihuru, who was her lover and also the CIO deputy director for external affairs.
Shirihuru allegedly murdered Guzha in 1989 in a fit of jealous rage after discovering that she was two-timing him with a cabinet minister.
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