By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily Investigation|

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) O’Level geography final examination paper has been leaked to students in Harare, an investigation by Now Daily found.
Sources in the underworld and those linked to the ministry of education confirmed the leaks, which are being treated as a state secret. The sources also said the mathematics and English papers which were originally leaked and reset had again been leaked by officials from Zimsec and were selling on the street for as little as US$50 each.
On Thursday, lawyers took education minister Lazarus Dokora and Zimsec to court to stop the government from compelling students to re-writing examinations because of the ubiquitous leaks.
Represented by Jessie Majome, the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association said it was an abuse of students’ rights to force them to rewrite examinations as a result of bureaucratic bungling. The group wanted Dokora interdicted from conducting any repeat examinations this year.
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