Mugabe Changes Zanu PF Constitution to Fix ‘Stubborn’ Joice Mujuru

Now Daily Comment|

The relationship between the president and vice president of Zimbabwe has degenerated to a tragic point of no return. It would seem that the solution in the minds of many backers of both Robert Mugabe and Joice Mujuru might be war. We refuse the military initiative because it will just lead to more suffering for the povo as they are used as shields.
Based on fabricated testimony, Mugabe and the hawks in Zanu PF have made the case against Joice Mujuru. They accuse her of plotting a military coup against the supreme leader, alongside Rugare Gumbo, who has been expelled, de facto state security minister Didymus Mutasa, defence minister Sidney Sekeramayi and defence forces commander Constantine Chiwenga, former security minister Nicholas Goche, among others. Analysts predict that the next meeting of the Zanu PF politburo, scheduled for this Saturday, will give Mugabe sweeping powers to appoint two vice presidents and a party chairperson. Such a move will automatically lead to Mujuru leaving her post without having to lose face as Mugabe will use that to annoint a successor. That’s not good enough.
We would like this matter to be resolved in an independent and credible way. Both sides are powerful and must indicate that they are prepared to resolve this situation peacefully. Otherwise it is the ordinary people who suffer, mostly in silence. The economy is in tailspin. There is no money and government cannot pay its workers.
There are systematic violations of human rights by the state and its marauding agents and militias. Arbitrary arrests, harassment, sexual abuse by state officials, rape, forced disappearances and torture are rampant. Perhaps Mrs Mujuru could consider leaving office before the constitutional changes are made and charges are pressed.


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