I Did Not Kill Rashiwe Guzha Says CIO Hitman Collin Chingura

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily Investigation|

Collin Chingura, the alleged Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) hit-man widely blamed for the death of ex-government worker Rashiwe Guzha has denied killing her.
However, he claims that he saw her on the night that she disappeared and later turned up dead.
“I did not kill Rashiwe Guzha,” Chingura told Now Daily editor-in-chief John Chimunhu exclusively.
“I drove her to the Earlside Hotel where I left her in the company of Eddison Shirihuru, who was her lover. I had performed similar errands before and it was routine for me on that day. I believe they went to the Selous Hotel after I left her, but I don’t know what happened after that,” Chingura said.
Shirihuru was, at that time, the CIO deputy director-general for external affairs.
During interviews at various secret locations around Zimbabwe, including Harare, Beitbridge and his hometown, Zvishavane, Chingura said he was in hiding for fear that he could be murdered by the CIO over his role and what he knew about the case.
During one interview, Chingura was badly bruised and said he had been attacked by unknown people in Harare, who asked him, in a bar, about the Rashiwe Guzha case.
Chingura accused Shirihuru of killing Guzha, but would not state the reasons or say how it happened.
However, investigations by Now Daily have shown that Shirihuru might have killed Guzha during a fit of jealous rage after he discovered that the feisty Treasury Computer Bureau worker as cheating him with a cabinet minister, whose identity is known to Now Daily.
Chingura says his role on the evening in question was picking up Guzha from her workplace, on the ground floor of the CIO headquarters, Chaminuka Building in Harare.
Shirihuru is believed to have murdered his lover at the CIO farm in Goromonzi. He surprised many when he turned up late at Harare International Airport, where he was due to accompany President Robert Mugabe on a foreign trip, in muddy boots and ruffled clothing.
As Now Daily investigations and a deathbed interview with Shirihuru at Parirenyatwa Hospital have now shown, Shirihuru murdered his girlfriend and then tried to smear everyone to make it look like an organisational hit.
To justify the use of the organisation’s high-level assets (assassins), the CIO earlier claimed that Guzha had abused her affair with Shirihuru to steal sensitive secret files with identities of CIO field agents in foreign countries, making her a priority target for assassination.
Shirihuru is believed to have murdered Guzha and buried her body at the CIO Goromonzi farm, where bones believed to be hers were later found.
“Shirihuru and Rashiwe were lovers and I had performed similar errands before,” Chingura said.
“I was just made a scapegoat.”


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