Magaya Sex Scandal Sparks Outrage

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Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, ‘prophet’ Walter Magaya has crashed from hero to zero after being caught on video confessing that he committed adultery with a married woman.
Rich people whose tithes have sustained the ministry over the years are deserting Magaya in droves after details of the sex scandal were leaked to the media by lawyers representing the cuckolded man.
Church elders want Magaya investigated for this and other crimes, including alleged abuse of church funds and conducting improper relations with shady characters such as the raunchy night club stripper, Beverly Sibanda, whom he set up in business. Magaya is also accused of laundering money on behalf of corrupt government officials who patronise his church, including cabinet minister and Zanu PF politburo member Ignatius Chombo.
The controversial clergyman’s spokesman, former ZBC news anchor Oscar Pambuka could not be reached for comment.
Magaya himself told a crusade meeting in Bulawayo recently that newspapers had manufactured the sex scandal story. His notoriously vicious bouncers then went on to assault journalists from the Chronicle newspaper, seriously injuring a photographer.
The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists secretary-general Foster Dongozi condemned Magaya for the attack and called for his arrest.
Even before the latest scandal broke, Magaya was linked to pole dancer Sibanda, who eventually joined the church and was showered with gifts before she left abruptly and returned to her strip show, whose main act involves inserting a beer bottle in her vagina.
Sibanda has recently told friends: “Magaya loves me. He wants me back.”
But it was the case of married 28 year old Harare woman Memory Nomsa Ruvazhe that brought the bogus prophet down. According to lawyers for Ruvazhe’s husband, Denford Mutashu, Magaya carried on an adulterous relationship with the feisty Harare hairdresser for quite some time.
“Our client is in possession of video recordings where you admitted to have had an improper relationship with his wife. Our client then intercepted love text messages in her phone from you, Mr Walter Magaya, and our client also made a printout of the communication between yourself and our client’s wife. Our client also noted that the affair between yourself and his wife has been going on for some time and we are also in possession of communication which you made with our client’s wife while in South Africa,” the lawyers said in a notice of intention to sue.
Magaya has since been accused of having sex with yet another married member of his congregation, Charity Makurumidze. The troubled clergyman’s vicious henchmen have since told Makurumidze to backtrack on her story and claim that unknown people asked her to frame him in exchange for $100 000.
“Whatever Magaya says, the charges will stick because they are true,” said a former member of PHD Ministries. “There are a lot more women who have been abused by Magaya and his people but are to afraid or too ashamed to come out.”
Adultery has ruined the careers of numerous men and women of the cloth in recent years. These include RMG End Time Message founder, Robert Gumbura, who was recently jailed for 40 years for serial rape and sexual abuse of congregants, whom he called his ‘wives’.
Madzibaba Nzira was jailed 32 years for raping women from his sect and infecting them with HIV.
Fiery former Roman Catholic archbishop for Bulawayo, Pius Ncube was stripped of his post after he was filmed having sex with his married secretary.
The Family of God church was deserted by key members after its bishop, Erasmus Wutawunashe made two students pregnant. Married Celebration church co-founder and pastor, Bonnie Deuschle fell pregnant and had an abortion after having sex with a member of the Borrowdale-based church. Her husband, Tom Deuschle said Bonnie, a renowned worship singer, had been attacked by the devil but he had forgiven her. That did not prevent leading church members leaving, some to form their own churches.
The most notorious of the church predators however remains Gumbura, who decreed that all women in the sect were his.
The scandals involving pastors have dampened the spirits of many Christians.
“These Zimbabwean churches have become dating clubs,” said pastor John Rocque of the Kingdom of God church, which has mounted prayer vigils so that “God can deliver his flock from these wolves in sheep’s skin”.
“If the sex is not being demanded by the pastor, its being demanded by other brothers in the church. I mean, just look at how much fornication there is in the church. Everyone is involved one way or the other, as a practitioner, victim or silent, terrified witness,” Rocque said.
Rocque blames the government for setting up bogus churches under the department of theology in the Central Intelligence Organisation. He says this has produced well-heeled impostors posing as men and women of God.
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