Scandal-Ridden Mimosa Mining Company Axes Contractors

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Another major supplier at Mimosa Mining Company, Oilchem, has been stripped of its contract amid investigations into allegations of theft of millions of dollars from the company through fraudulent tenders.
Official sources confirmed that Oilchem’s contract expired on August 31 and was not renewed.
Scores of its workers face an uncertain future, with a few being transferred to the company’s headquarters in Kwe Kwe. Oilchem is owned by Peter Chimboza, also a resident director at Mimosa and chairman of the Midlands chapter of the Zimbabwe War Veterans Association, one of the many Zanu PF heavies scrambling for contracts at the mine.
Mimosa has already terminated the contracts of New Base and JM Construction after questions emerged about their handling of a contract to upgrade Mandava stadium to CAF standards.
The few remaining contractors include Zanu PF official Cephas Msipa’s son, Chris Msipa’s Copper Kettle.
Mimosa last year sacked its finance director Nathan Shoko after a reported $13 million vanished. Sources claimed Shoko was given a $3 million “golden handshake” to make him go quietly but has been reinstated after the labour court ruled he was fired unprocedurally.


One thought on “Scandal-Ridden Mimosa Mining Company Axes Contractors

  1. mimosa

    @ mimosa mine there was never a contractor ainzi oilchem. rather there was oliken, all your articles wrongly quotes the name of the contractor a clear sign that you didnt verify your facts and sources.



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