Grace Mugabe’s Ex-Husband Goreraza Transferred to India

By Harry Fisher/
Now Daily

Grace Mugabe’s Ex-Husband wing commander Stanley Goreraza is now Zimbabwe’s defence attache to India, according to a profile posted on LinkedIn.
The professional networking site lists Goreraza’s areas of expertise as ‘aerospace and aviation’ although he, allegedly, worked as a spy for the Air Force of Zimbabwe’s Intelligence Directorate before being set up with Grace Mugabe, then a Cental Intelligence Organisation operative working under deep cover as a private secretary in Mugabe’s office.
Goreraza’s whereabouts became the subject of intense speculation after Grace Mugabe told a Zanu PF party militia gang known as the ‘Taliban’ that she was in a polygamous union with Mugabe. This prompted angry protests from Catholics like Mugabe himself, who say church doctrine forbids having more than one wife, while traditionalists said it was taboo to be married to two men and have children with both at once as Grace Mugabe did.
Now Daily.


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