Multimillion Dollar Thief Nathan Shoko Reinstated at Mimosa Mine

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily Business|

Implats/Aquarius joint venture Mimosa platinum mine has been ordered by the Zimbabwean government to reinstate Nathan Shoko, the finance director who was fired in 2013 after being implicated in a $13 million theft scandal, company sources revealed.
“Shoko is back at Mimosa after the labour court ruled that proper procedures were not followed when he was fired in 2013,” said a company source.
The source, however, said Shoko had been ‘quarantined’ at the company’s Harare head office and would not be allowed close to operations where he caused so much damage.
Shoko was accused of theft and making fraudulent payouts to contractors.
However, according to sources, he was given a $3 million golden handshake to go quietly after threatening to expose his co-conspirators, including war veteran and resident director Peter Chimboza.
Shoko briefly went to the state Marange Resources, where he was booted out unceremoniously in January over theft of diamonds and shady procument deals. He then went to the labour court to demand his old job back.
The theft at Mimosa arose after the company embarked on a massive project to build and upgrade sports facilities in Zvishavane, where the mine is located.
The plan included refurbishments to Mandava stadium, which were never completed after millions disappeared, according to company officials.
Another major plan, to build a club hotel for FC Platinum, was hijacked by Shoko, who allegedly siphoned company funds and built the hotel as his own private venture, using local businessman Clever Pote as a front. Known as Pote Hotel, the three-star facility was opened last week by president Robert Mugabe.
Mystery surrounds ownership of scores of houses that were to have been built for community members displaced by the stadium upgrades.
Mimosa has since terminated all labour supply contracts and has started recruitting on its own. Those affected include Chimboza, whose firm, Oilchem had a lucrative contract with the mine.
Newton Basera’s New Base Construction has also been axed.
Mimosa mine announced super-profits for the year last week but shareholders are demanding an investigation into the theft allegations and want heads to roll in Zimbabwe.
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