Obert Mpofu: Mtetwa Just Seeking Media Attention

Now Daily|

Former mines minister Obert Mpofu says the $10 million bribery charge brought against him by Core Mining director Lovemore Kurotwi is part of a “well-choreographed drama instigated by his lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa” to get media attention.
Mpofu, who was demoted to minister of transport by president Robert Mugabe after the scandal broke, said he was rich enough to employ both Kurotwi and Dominic Mubaiwa, the former CEO of Zimbabwe Mining Development Corp also making charges against him.
Mpofu sensationally told the court that he knew Kurotwi’s financial status, that he could not afford to buy him a bottle of mineral water, let alone give him a $10 million bribe.
However, Kurotwi insists that Mpofu cancelled a diamond concession granted to him and his partners after they refused to pay $10 million demanded by the minister in kickbacks.


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