Grace Mugabe Coup Shows There’s No Democracy in Zanu PF

Now Daily Editorial|

The speed with which Grace Mugabe was allegedly “unanimously endorsed” to be the next Zanu PF women’s league chairperson raises alarm bells.
Even by the standards of an undemocratic party, such blatant dictatorship by Grace’s husband is unprecedented. It would not have been allowed if constitutionalists like Eddison Zvobgo were alive.
When Robert Mugabe gave his then married secretary Grace Marufu the keys to his bedroom as his wife Sally lay dying of a kidney malfunction, many said it was his prerogative.
But for Mugabe to try and give her the presidency under the guise that she is inheriting Sally’s mantle is to take the people for granted and to negate the history and legacy of a party he claims to be fighting hard to defend.
Sally Mugabe was a freedom fighter, a trained guerilla commander if you will. Grace is the fornicator who took that freedom fighter’s husband and turned him against his dying wife. That history is not lost even to the people who claim to be backing Grace for the women’s league post.


What Grace Mugabe did last week is what Emmerson Mnangagwa attempted to do at Dinyane School in Tsholotsho, when his backers gathered provincial chairpersons ostensibly for a school opening, only to turn it into a coup plot meeting.
The difference is that the Mazowe coup was plotted and sanctioned by Mugabe, who now sponsors Grace for the presidency in order to perpetuate his dynasty, preserve his ill-gotten wealth and prevent charges ever being brought against him for all the crimes he has committed.
Some might think what Grace has done is safe because she has the backing of “Mudhara Bhobho”. That is far from true.
The threats are going to come from her closest advisers, people like Oppah Muchinguri or Edna Madzongwe, who know where the skeletons in Zanu PF’s cupboard are hidden but are not telling her yet. They will bide their time until she feels she no longer needs them, then they will start ‘dissing’ her, mortally.
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