Adultery Hits Bona Mugabe’s Marriage

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

Elders in the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga) church are mounting vigils to pray for Simba Chikore, who recently married president Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona amid claims he is philandering.
Described as a ‘playboy’ by Central Intelligence Organisation officers who vetted him before their lavish March 2014 wedding attended by African presidents, Chikore was allowed to marry Bona
after their report was ignored. Grace Mugabe is also said to have put pressure on Bona to marry so that she could deliver grandchildren to the ageing dictator before he died.
Now, the Mugabes worry about reports of Chikore going out with other women. Notably, he has been in contact with Emelda Mudzamiri, the gospel diva he dumped to marry Bona. Chikore has been linked to several other women recently.
According to one source, the Mugabes are concerned that Bona has not fallen pregnant, months after her parents delivered her to her husband claiming that she was a virgin and after the poor Chikore family was forced to pay a whopping $35 000 bride price.
Pictures have been posted online of Chikore snuggling with Mudzamiri.
The 37 year-old Chikore’s alibi has unravelled after it was revealed that he never worked as a pilot at Emirates or Qatar Airways as he had claimed.
“At Zaoga, people are deeply embarassed by Chikore’s womanising. But some of his relatives support him because Bona was not a virgin as her mother claimed and that has affected the marriage,” said a source at Zaoga, where his mother holds a senior post.
Bona Mugabe has been linked to Sam Mtukudzi, who died mysteriously, and the son of a Tanzanian businessman.
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