South Africa Tightens Zimbabwe Border Controls

Now Daily|

The South African government has begun tightening controls on its border with Zimbabwe to stem the tide of illegal immigrants fleeing Zanu PF political terror and corruption-induced destitution, a top official has said.
SA also said it would screen migrants from Zimbabwe – where the economy is unravelling fast, separating victims of president Robert Mugabe’s brutality from economic refugees.
“Cabinet has assigned Department of Home Affairs lead responsibility to establish the Border Management Agency (BMA) which will be central to securing all land, air and maritime ports of entry and support efforts of the SA National Defence Force to address the threats posed to, and the porousness of, our borderline,” home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba said.
He said the SA government was undertaking feasibility studies to determine the practicalities and the findings would guide the legislative process.
“By the end of 2016 we hope to have the BMA established,” Gigaba said. “We have upgraded infrastructure at high-volume points of entry, including Beit Bridge, and expanded the Enhanced Movement Control System (EMCS) to 13 additional points of entry.”
Gigaba said the SA government would limit the issuance of work and residence permits, improve administration of visas and tighten the movement of people in and out of SA to enhance security.
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