Grace Mugabe Charity Home a Money-Guzzling White Elephant

Now Daily News Analysis|

Every year on her birthday, 23 July, President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace heads up to the Mazowe farm that she violently seized from a white couple and turned into a luxury hotel disguised as an orphanage.
This year was no exception. Government ministers and senior officials of bankrupt parastatals, diplomats, business people presiding over faltering companies and all others with fat wallets were ordered to attend this expensive annual ritual and they all dutifully turned up.
Despite the bling on plentiful display, it did not escape the attention of the elite gathering that the Grace Mugabe Children’s Home is a multi-million-dollar white elephant.
Built at a snail’s pace over a period of 10 years, the centre boasts of 30 houses built to ranked hotel standards. The centre can accommodate 1 000 children.
However, Grace Mugabe told the guests that the home has only taken in 82 children.
The donors are skeptical and this year gave only $26 000. They are unhappy that Mrs Mugabe used their donations to build a palatial compound which she has no intention of handing over to the poor, homeless children roaming the streets. Even if she brought a thousand or a million children to her elite home, the irony would still remain that it is she and her husband destroying the nation’s economy through corrupt projects like her Mazowe enterprises.
With few people to praise her for her curious efforts, Grace stole the show once again with her embarassing self-praise. She declared that she was the most kind-hearted person on earth and even questioned the motives of other givers in society. Grace Mugabe even decreed that people who give less than she does should not get television coverage!
What irked many of the guests, however, was Grace Mugabe’s declaration that her so-called charity school will not offer free education. At more than $2 000 per child per month, it caters to the rich and is the most expensive primary school in Zimbabwe. Hardly a place for the barefoot orphans and street children spawned by her husband’s three and a half decades of dishing out misery to Zimbabweans.
And the question still stands: what happened to the millions poured by the government and donors into Grace Mugabe’s purse to help homeless children?
To confuse the donors with large numbers of children on show, Grace this year ordered children from other homes to attend her birthday party!
(c) 2014 Now Daily.


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