Zanu PF MP Pasade Batters Wife in China

Now Daily|
Zanu PF MP for Mount Pleasant Jason Pasade has outraged fellow party members by brutally assaulting his wife during a recent shopping trip to China.
According to party sources, Pasade had been quizzed by senior party members over the incident, which attracted the attention of Chinese security officials and Zimbabwean embassy officials in Beijing.
A Zanu PF MP who was part of the group that travelled to China recently said Pasade clashed with his wife, an employee of the Central Intelligence Organisation whom we can not name, over a “trivial issue” involving a suitcase. Apparently, the couple had bought a new suitcase in China and the MP wanted to dump their old one in Beijing, which his wife opposed.
Pasade is said to have flown into a rage, attacking his wife with clenched fists and booted feet until she turned “black and blue”.
“Mrs Pasade had bruises all over her body. Her hands, which are light, had turned green,” said an MP who saw her after the attack.
Pasade’s wife then fled their hotel room and tried to get help from hotel security, who advised her to report the matter to the police. Out of fear her husband might be detained in the Asian country, the woman sought the intervention of fellow Zimbabweans, who calmed the furious legislator.
Pasade rose mysterioulsy from being a party thug in Kambuzuma to his current position through executing massive political violence. His wife told party officials that Pasade kept a large arsenal of weapons and did not hesitate to shoot anyone who crossed him. She revealed that her marriage had been arranged by President Robert Mugabe to “shape” the youthful hooligan, who has become a powerful member of the so-called Mugabe or Jongwe faction of the party. Mugabe reportedly bought a house for Pasade in Mt Pleasant and also sponsored a white wedding for him after forcing him to dump his first wife. The couple now has one young child.
In 2013, Pasade caused a stir in Zanu PF when he challenged senior party member Amos Midzi for the post of Harare province chairman. He was trounced and alleged Midzi had rigged the vote.


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