Zinasu Blames Government for Student Sexually Transmitted Infections

Now Daily|

The Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) has lashed out at the government for failing to fund higher education, resulting in students engaging in risky sexual behaviour to survive.
Zinasu president Gilbert Mutubuki’s comments came after the National Aids Council announced that students in tertiary institutions were the most affected by sexually transmitted infections.
“As Zinasu we blame the government for not catering for higher education which will result in most students resorting to unethical and desperate means to get a better living,” Mutubuki said.
“The government should fund education through reinstatement of the loans and grants programme, which will address the financial crisis being faced by the students of Zimbabwe. The students union shall use all necessary and unnecessary tactics to make sure that education is funded by the government as it is clearly stated in our new constitution.”
Mutubuki condemned what he termed “victimisation of students around Zimbabwe” and warned the authorities to respect the rights of all students.
Researchers found that some students were being forced to engage in prostitution or to exchange sex for accommodation and food near their campuses.
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