Baba Jukwa Suspect Kudzayi Still Locked Up Despite Bail Approval

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

Edmund Kudzayi, the Sunday Mail editor accused of being the cyber-rebel Baba Jukwa wanted by the police was held in detention overnight on Thursday despite the High Court granting him bail.
Officials told Now Daily that the authorities wanted Kudzayi to surrender the Baba Jukwa Gmail account password to the police before being released.
High Court judge Joseph Musakwa ordered Kudzayi to surrender the password to investigating officer Crispen Makedenge but did not state when it should be handed over.
He was also asked to surrender title deeds to his parents’ house. Both conditions have been questioned by lawyers.
The sources said the police feared Kudzayi, who is facing banditry and terrorism charges, could tamper with the evidence if freed. The cops apparently want to retrieve files and possibly change the password to prevent Kudzayi accessing it.
Kudzayi’s brother Phillip also remained locked up with a bail hearing set for Friday.
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