Hope Masike’s Million Dollar Dress Turns Heads in France

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily Business|

Zimbabwe mbira music queen Hope Masike this week stepped out in a stunning designer dress that sent tongues wagging in France.
Masike would not reveal if she had bought the dress or its real cost but quipped that it cost “a million dollars”. She confirmed that it was specially made for her by a top French designer. Speculation is now rife among her fans that she may be planning a fashion label.
Several Zimbabwean musicians have recently adopted aggressive Western marketing gimmicks, with rapper Alishias Mushimbe a.k.a. Maskiri taking the lead by launching perfumes under his own name.
“I wore a million-dollar dress today!” Masike said. “(Its a) white gown designed by Ms Rosa Merenda. I looked heavenly!”
The bare-back, open navel dress features inimitable film detail and Masike modelled it for what appeared to be a fashion shoot in Paris.
Masike held workshops with musicians from all over France Monday to mark the end of her concert tour. She announced that she was headed for Austria where she would hold several more shows.
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