Mugabe Abandons New Constitution

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily|

The government has come under fire for failing to align the country’s laws to the new constitution.
Zanu PF sources confirmed that president Robert Mugabe, who has resisted the adoption of a new constitution for decades, did not want the new constitution fully adopted as it would limit his powers and usher in democratic change.
Legal monitors Veritas lambasted the government for failing to adopt key changes to electoral, citizenship, criminal procedure, rules of court and provincialisation laws (devolution).
Activists also condemned the authorities for failing to address key security, property, good governance, gender equity, children’s rights, local government and traditional leaders laws.
“The government has done nothing about any of these changes, apart from getting two Bills through Parliament, neither of them yet gazetted as Acts. The Electoral Amendment Bill is a half-hearted measure which does not bring the electoral law fully into line with the Constitution; and the National Prosecuting Authority Bill is only the first step in legitimising appointment of prosecutors,” Veritas said. “It is deeply disturbing that the government has not done more to implement the Constitution. The rule of law, which is a principle enshrined in the Constitution, entails respect for the law – and particularly for the Constitution itself, which is the highest law of the land. If the government does not respect the Constitution, what law will it respect?”
Former cabinet minister and lawmaker David Coltart deplored the failure by the authorities to implement the required changes.
“It is almost a year since the 31st July 2013 elections and it is unacceptable that so little progress has been made by Parliament to get this legislation passed,” Coltart said. “Perhaps our MPs should spend less time in China and more time in Parliament to ensure that these critically important changes are made.”
Some 27 legislators were reported stranded in China last week after a shopping trip went awry.
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